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The City of Cologne is proud to be home to a wide variety of businesses big and small. Whether you are considering a move to our city, starting a new business, or are already running a business in the City of Cologne, below are useful resources to help in your pursuits.

We think the City of Cologne is a GREAT place to work – and you will too.  To learn more about running YOUR business in the City of Cologne, contact us at 952-466-2064.


We are glad to offer you the opportunity to connect up with our local businesses.  You will find our local entrepreneurs ready to take care of your needs, let them know what you need and let them take care of you!

If your business is not listed this directory, or if your business contact information has changed, please contact us at info@colognemn.com


The City of Cologne Welcomes You!

Please visit our Community Events page for updates on local fish fries, pancake breakfasts, and other events!