Propose Updates to VFW Park

The City of Cologne is looking to bring VFW Park back to life. Public comment is being sought to decide which layout will fit this area best. Both options include playground and fitness equipment pods that spread out along walkways and allow users to experience the park in different ways. Each play pod is proposed to have Poured in Place rubber surfacing (PIP) and focus on a nature theme while being surrounded by newly planted natural plantings and pollinators. Th

Option 1:
This option brings the fitness equipment off to one side of the park, while focusing all of the active play equipment on the other. This option has the only 2-5 aged play structure while including other play pods that include a sensory wall, music equipment and a balance circuit. This layout pulls the play components away from the dry water basin allowing benches to occupy the sidewalk overlooking this area.

Option 2:
This option has the playground structure pod off to the side while all the other individual components are on the other. This option focuses on agility and movement while also providing a space for comfort and disconnect. A challenge course, We-Go-Round® which allows users of all mobile abilities to come together and play and cozy dome with music equipment allows users a variety of play options. The fitness equipment is located near the existing tennis courts.

Click on the links below to see the proposed layouts, then send any comments on the options to
NOTE: These are preliminary layouts and subject to change.


Option 1 VFW Park

Option 2 VFW Park

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