2030 Comprehensive Plan

The City of Cologne’s Comprehensive Plan was prepared in response to increasing growth and development activity in the City. The plan was approved by the Cologne City Council in November 2009.  It is the intent of the City Council to implement a Plan that reflects the values and goals of all residents and stakeholders in Cologne.  The purpose of this Plan is to serve as a guide for managing future growth in the City.

The City has the authority to plan under Minnesota Statutes 46.351-365 and 473.851-871.  Cologne is governed by a City Council, consisting of a Mayor and four City Council members elected at large.  The City Administrator oversees the administrative, financial, and service deliver responsibilities of the City on behalf of the City Council.

This Comprehensive Plan is the result of a process which included a series of public meetings and background data analysis.  The City is experiencing growth pressure and the primary issue facing Cologne is how to best manage growth in relation to the expansion of public utilities and orderly annexation.

To view a complete copy of the City of Cologne 2030 Comprehensive Plan, CLICK HERE.