2023 Sewer Jetting and Lining Project to Begin Monday May 8th

Starting on Monday, May 8th, Visu-Sewer will begin jetting the sewer lines within the project area as part of the City’s ongoing sewer lining plan. The portions of the project that are being jetted and lined can be found in the attached document. Jetting will begin on the 8th, and lining is planned for about two weeks from the time jetting is completed. Prior to sewer lining, affected homeowners will be contacted directly through door hangers.

During jetting, homeowners can use their water and sewer services like normal. However, there is a small chance the force of the jetting may force some pressure back up through private sewer service lines. For this reason, please remember to keep toilet seats down during jetting, and keep fresh water in the floor traps to prevent potential foul odors from coming up through the drain.

If you have questions/concerns please call City Hall at 952-466-2064.

Jetting plan sheets and locations can be found here: 2023 CIPP Compiled Plan Sheets 1-5

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