How Trees Make Lakes Green

It’s fall and trees are shedding their leaves. Leaf fall on yards is natural and provide nutrients back to the soil. Leaf fall on sidewalks and street boulevards is not. These leaves get washed down through storm drains by rains and into nearby lakes and creeks. When the excess nutrients in these leaves enters lakes, it creates algae blooms. Just 5 bags of leaves have enough phosphorus in them to create 1,000 lbs. of algae growth in lakes and creeks.

It order to help protect Benton Lake, Meuwissen Lake and the stormwater ponds throughout Cologne, you should always rake and sweep your sidewalks, driveways and street boulevards free of leaves. Leaves on your yard can be mulched with a lawnmower or raked and bagged and taken to the city’s compost site. Keeping leaves from going into stormdrains will help prevent algae blooms in our lakes, rivers, and ponds.