Cologne Fitness Center

New for 2019: Matrix Climbmill and indoor bicycle


Members are encouraged to use the City’s booking website in order to reserve up to an hour of workout time by following this link:

For further guidance and expectations of Fitness Center members, please read the document attached below.

CFC Covid 19 Preparedness Plan

How is your physical fitness barometer? As we strive for a high quality of life, physical fitness is a significant part of that equation! The better you feel the more you are able to be out enjoying all that life has to offer!

The Cologne Fitness Center was designed to be flexible, affordable, comprehensive and easy to use to help you regain or maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle. The center has top of the line fitness equipment from Life Fitness including 9 cardiovascular machines to help build up your cardiovascular strength – 3 treadmills, 4 cross trainers, a recumbent bike and an upright bike. In addition to the cardiovascular equipment there are nine separate Life Fitness weight stations to work all your major muscle groups.

Stop in at the city office to register for your 24 hour access membership.  Click here to download the  CFC Membership Agreement

24 Hour Access Membership Rates:


  • Single Membership: $20.00/mo.*
  • 1st Additional Family Member: $9.00/mo.*
  • Each Additional Family Member: $5.00/mo.*


  • Single Membership:  $24.00/mo.*
  • 1st Additional Family Member:  $9.00/mo.*
  • Each Additional Family Member:  $ 5.00/mo.*

Corporate Rate

  • Single Membership:  $21.00/mo.*
  • 1st Additional Employee: $9.00/mo.*
  • Each Additional Employee: $5.00/mo.*

*Price excludes tax and initial signup fee of $20.00 (additional members on same plan: $10.00/ea).

The Cologne Fitness Center has partnered with the following insurance companies to offer fitness reimbursement to eligible insured members:

U Care Minnesota