Hydrant Flushing This Week

Tues. Wed. & Thursday, 10-31, 11-1, 11-2 Hours between 9am-3pm, Public Works will be flushing fire hydrants again, to help improve water quality and to exercise each hydrant. Remember each day after flushing is over, turn on a water faucet closest to your water meter in your basement to rinse out the waterline coming into your house. Avoid taking a shower and washing clothes during flushing times. You will see iron or a fog for a short period, this is normal.
Thank you for your cooperation!

Tuesday (10-31)and Wednesday (11-1)we will be flushing Districts 1-3 ( the original part of Cologne down town.- The Meadow development. – and the Winkler development.)

Thursday (11-2) will be district 4 (The development on the Southside of Hwy 212, Hans Hagen/MI homes.